Sunday, 11 April 2010

WINNER Of COVERGIRL contest(: Ona_Angel_21

Ona got 17 votes for winner.
She obviously has many friends
on stardoll and FC.
Although not all commented,
They contacted me and said how special Ona was,
And therefore gave me their votes.
Well done Ona.
You have one the title of
Unknown Fcer Covergirl April.
I wish you the best.
Thankyou for entering(:
And I am sure Ona would like to thank all that voted her.
♥ellgirl [LectraaDamonSalvator]


  1. Yeahh..i won....anyway..thx to everyone ...thx to my friends...and thx to ellgirl for letting my friends contact with her...

    Kisses to all of u :):)

    Love u guys

  2. Nice speach.
    That is okay,
    Hope you like your title xD